One Year Warranty*

* for purchases within Hong Kong only. 

Warranty Policy


Your Zogo Lite (the “Product”) is made of high quality materials, and great care has been taken in its manufacturing. The Product is designed to perform its intended function effectively, reliably, and safely provided that it is properly operated and maintained.


  • We, ZOGO LIMITED, warrant that the Product conforms to the specifications of the Product on this website (the “Website”); is free of any omission, defect, or failure arising out of or in connection with faulty design, materials, or workmanship; and is made with new materials and is itself new.

  • This warranty policy (the “Warranty”) includes the replacement or refund of the Product subject to the terms and conditions herein and at our sole discretion.

  • The Product becomes our property as soon as it is replaced.

  • If we are not able to replace the Product, because it has been discontinued or is not available, we will refund you instead.

  • The period of the Warranty is 12 months and starts on the date of purchase on the official, original receipt for the Product (the “Proof of Payment”).

  • The Warranty is valid and applicable only if the Product is purchased through the Website and within Hong Kong.

  • The Product must be used according to the specifications and guidelines on the Website.

  • The Warranty does not cover any loss or damage whatsoever, or any defect, malfunction, or failure of the Product, caused by or resulting from, but not limited to, your or any third party’s unreasonable, inappropriate, unintended, or negligent use; misuse; abuse; unauthorized service, repair, modification, alteration, or disassembly, which voids the Warranty; improper storage or maintenance; or neglect, of the Product.

  • The Warranty does not apply to cosmetic damage, or the normal wear and tear, of the Product, such as scratches, nicks, and dents, or to damage to the Product occasioned by accident, water, flood, fire, or other acts of nature, force majeure events, or external causes.

  • In no event are we liable for any incidental, compensatory, consequential, indirect, special, or other damages. Our aggregate liability with respect to a defective product is in any event limited to the monies paid to us for such defective product.

  • We are not under any obligation to renew the Warranty upon its expiration, either on the same terms and conditions herein or otherwise.

  • The Warranty applies to the original purchaser of the Product only and is not transferrable.

  • The Warranty applies to Hong Kong only and is governed by the laws of Hong Kong.

  • We reserve the right to make all final decisions in case of any disputes or claims under the Warranty.

  • In order to make a claim under the Warranty, you must provide in writing to us at least the following information within 30 days of your discovery of the issue with the Product about which you wish to make such a claim (e.g. an inherent defect): The details of such issue; the model number of the Product; the date of purchase of the Product, together with the Proof of Payment; and the Warranty.

  • We may ask you for additional information relevant to your claim under the Warranty, and upon request, you will need to submit the Product to us for verification of non-compliance.

  • The warranty and remedies contained in the Warranty are the only warranties given by us with respect to the Product and are given in lieu of all other warranties, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, which warranties are hereby disclaimed.

  • The Warranty is effective for all purchases of the Zogo Lite made on or after the effective date set forth as follows: 25 June 2019. We reserve the right to modify the Warranty from time to time, but no agent, distributor, or dealer is authorized to change, modify, or extend the terms of the Warranty on behalf of us. Any modification of the Warranty is effective for all purchases of the Zogo Lite made on or after the effective date of such revised warranty.

  • If there is any discrepancy between the English and other language versions of the Warranty, the English version will always prevail.

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